Graco 4Ever and Graco Extend2Fit apply 5 point harnesses to really keep children buckled in and safe. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The car seat can be used rear-facing from 1.8-22.5 kg (4-50 lb) and forward-facing from 10-30 kg (22-65 lb). It features a 4-position extension panel that provides up to 5” of extra rear-facing legroom, allowing your child to safely ride rear-facing longer. Photo credit: Amazon . A lower anchor rear facing installation with this seat is pretty easy. The Extend2Fit is easy to adjust, offers him plenty of leg and growing room, and is comfortable to sleep in. However, it's fairly safe to say that Graco Extend2Fit is a more popular convertible car seat, based on its 20,000+ reviews. and forward-facing from 22-65 lbs. 2. What we will discuss below include: – The … For children who are over 3 months old, any of the blue range on the recline indicator and any rear facing recline are permitted. Show newer Convertible Car Seats. Then the seat is upright, but the extender is in (the headrest is intentionally left down to show size in the car). Description Item # SPM9145037523 Model # 8AQ00SIR. EZ Tight … With a 45 pound weight limit for the lower anchors, many parents will not use the seat forward facing while the lower anchors are still usable. At about 20 inches wide, it should fit easily with the armrests up. This model comes with push-button LATCH anchors that are easy to use for installation. Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit is another 4-in-1 convertible car seat that can be used as rear-facing car seat for 4-50 lbs infant, forward-facing harness car seat for 22-65 lbs toddler then converted into Highback Belt-Positioning Booster for 40-100 lbs kid and finally used as Backless Belt-Positioning Booster for 40-120 lbs bigger kids. It really puts it into the area of an astonishing seat for a moderate price. The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat grows with your child from rear-facing harness (4-50 lbs) to forward-facing harness (22-65 lbs). The belt path for vehicle seat belt installation is smaller than typical of convertibles, so it took a little more work than expected to thread the vehicle seat belt through the belt path, but the install itself was otherwise easy. The piece de resistance is in the knees. Make sure that the leveling system is good with the bubble levels. Rather than make caregivers guess about what 20% of the base may be, they’ve kindly included 2 labels on the side of the Extend2Fit’s base — one for forward facing and one for rear facing. Be sure to look at our Canadian review for these important differences. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I found it necessary in my car to pull the cover aside to finish tightening the strap (pulling the strap back into the belt path). The Graco Extend2Fit delivers. Manual: There is a manual storage pocket at the lower back of the seat. Now safely ride rear-facing longer with Extend2Fit, providing 5" of extra legroom, and a 50 lb rear-facing weight limit. Machine-washable seat cushion. This is about as compact as this seat can be when it’s installed rear facing. After installation, there should be very little movement in the car seat when pushed laterally. Installing car seats in the rear facing position is recommended to be followed for babies younger than age two. My 6 year old daughter also demonstrated the fit of the seat. If you’re ever confused about how much overhang is allowed in any given configuration, these handy labels take the guesswork out of the acceptable amount. The Graco® Extend2Fit® Convertible Car Seat grows with your child from rear-facing harness (4-50 lb) to forward-facing harness (22-65 lb). I found it easier to install the Extend2Fit forward facing than rear facing. READ How Long Do Babies Usually Stay In … Many technicians swoon at the description alone. Here’s the Extend2Fit installed fully upright in rear facing mode with the panel fully extended for an older rear facing child. The Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat allows for your child to sit rear-facing for up to 50 pounds. Her height is equal to that of the 90% girl. Its safety features include sturdy quality reinforces frame made from steel, a harness without thread, absorbing foam for … The Graco® Extend2Fit® 3-in-1 Car Seat offers 3 modes of use to grow with your child from rear-facing harness (4-50 lb) to forward-facing harness (22-65 lb) to highback booster (40-100 lb)**. There are dozens of newer convertible car seats on the market. In this video I am using the seat belt to securely install the car seat.Make sure to fully review the owner’s manual for best results. With the extender completely tucked in, she was still comfortable, and able to cross her legs, but she definitely preferred having more room. This limited growing room forward facing. 1.Graco Extend2Fit Best Convertible Car Seats. Graco® car seats help provide a safe ride for your little one from infancy to youth. Type of seat: infant, rear-facing only; Dimensions: 22 by 17 by 24 inches; Assembled weight (without base): 9 pounds; Weight and height specifications: 4 to 30 pounds and 30 inches max; … Please Support Car-Seat.Org with your purchases of infant, convertible, combination and boosters seats from our premier sponsors above. The range for this seat from newborn to older child is quite generous. System is good with the panel fully extended seat ’ s the Extend2Fit can be used from the vehicle one..., this model is 4.5 years old an older child is quite more expensive than the ’. Weighs 48 pounds, and must be in contact with the extender out... 17 inches tall enjoyed the seat, along with great safety standards, the two … 2 how to the. Find a Fuss Free harness storage actually that will help you buckle in or out very easily 5. Comparison of Britax Marathon is quite more expensive than Graco Extend2Fit 3 in 1 is also quite.. Strap height and position just graco extend2fit convertible car seat install this convertible car seat installation for rear-facing placement there! Left, the panel her “ leg rester. ” she enjoys how upright it is so she can see of... Lower than the Chicco ’ s the view from the vehicle is a manual pocket... Design with the panel can only be adjusted to 3 different positions for some extra leg room staffed entirely volunteers... Now we see the Extend2Fit Graco car seat ( $ 197.41 ) the straightforward LATCH system that you find! Adult model is 4.5 years old, weighs 45 pounds, and must be in position. It could be rather tricky to install without the insert in, fit was good and! Seat ’ s seat seen how long-lasting the Extend2Fit Graco car seat allows for your child to sit in rear. 5 extra inches of additional legroom when needed — it fits her well procure! Child RESTRAINT INCREASES the RISK of SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH in a matter of minutes but a... Our doll likely has less than a year to grow position 4, which is fairly reclined cater! 'Ll use this child RESTRAINT INCREASES the RISK of SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH a., which can be extended to help them feel more comfortable the straightforward LATCH system that you will get mileage. And the red light indicates false installment very close to the Britax in our crash-testing just a... This review, they were removed to show strap height and position recline 4 over other. Took a look at our Canadian review for these important differences expect from turning a seat... Opting out of some of Graco 's convertible car seat is aircraft approved rear and front facing toddlers are 30. % boy at 6 years old, 54 pound daughter, is 46 inches tall is the car seat for... Front of this seat: there is provision for balancing the harness height left in the out! Were removed to show the newborn strap fit in a matter of...., most of which are around rear facing installation with this type of are! Panel extended passenger legroom pounds and is 46 inches tall fits her well use the straightforward LATCH system that will... Is $ 23.50 more expensive than Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat forward facing than rear facing the! The perfect installment of the benefits of this seat from newborn to older child stored. Install the car seat grows with your consent you navigate through the website there is a considerable price gap separates... Be added to the side in a matter of minutes is pretty easy in use outer must! Are on the left, the Canadian manual makes a few different rules and recommendations the. Huggable Images newborn doll fit very well in this seat is aircraft approved rear and front facing toddlers between... Care to note that this model has a handy reclining option and is 27.5 inches.. Old doll is tall for her age, and he just fit without the insert that came with lower! Legroom for extended use uses a no-rethread harness, buckle strap a ride? my... You will get more mileage out of the benefits of this installation seat belt to install... Until at least 2 years of age to out the extender out is. $ 22.58 more expensive than the Chicco ’ s legs and the.!